Cypriot Sign Language

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the Cypriot Sign Language as well as to prepare them to use it in their workplace and in their everyday social activities, in cases where they meet deaf users of Sign Language (Deaf Signers). Thematic modules and the knowledge of the use of Sign Language will help students to use it, communicate in Sign Language and give information about their everyday needs, their interests, be able to describe their familiar environment, etc. Also, cultural information about the Deaf Community will help the students to understand the most common and simple references to culture and everyday life of the Deaf people.



It is an introductory course of undergraduate level based in the structure of linguistic signs and semantic feature that compose the Sign Language. The students will be introduces to the use of fingerspelling alphabet and the exploitation of articulation and understanding of mechanisms for the formation of signs. They will have the opportunity to understand and use basic hand shapes and to explore the phonological and morphological features of the meanings as well as enrich their vocabulary in Sign Language. At the same time, students will gain a deep understanding of the dictionary or grammatical meanings of the signs and ways of using the fingerspelling alphabet. Finally, the students will understand the critical communication-functional and socio-cultural role of the Sign Language.


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